Bringing home the flavors we grew up with... Missy Koo LOVES pigs in a blanket. They reach far back into her childhood memories. Like when her mother served them to eager guests who couldn’t wait until they made it off the baking pan before grabbing them. She judged the success of any party by whether pigs in a blanket were on the menu. And, they were always the first food to run out! The only problem: they were never great. Missy felt that America’s favorite hors d'oeuvre deserved better! Way Better!!! Missy partnered with good friend and fellow Piggie enthusiast, Stacy Cole, who together set out to elevate the humble pig in a blanket to glorious new heights. Inspired by the creative energy of the beloved borough in which they both live, Missy and Stacy named their endeavor Brooklyn Piggies. Brooklyn Piggies marries nostalgia with a modern approach to food: simple ingredients that are made well. These days when Missy and Stacy serve their guests, they are still surrounded by happy hordes.