About us...

It all started in 1976, when Missy Koo witnessed a horde of party goers surround her mother, as she served pigs in a blanket. Their response was overwhelming and no other food served that evening was met with quite the same enthusiasm. As an adult, Missy can attest that nothing has changed since those days. People still had the same reaction to pigs in a blanket and yet they were nothing more than a store bought cocktail frank wrapped in a crescent roll. Inspired to satisfy a need in the marketplace, Missy partnered with Stacy Cole to tackle a simple goal: take America’s favorite hors d'oeuvre and make it better. Way better!

Inspired by the creative energy of the beloved borough in which they both live, they named their endeavor Brooklyn Piggies. They worked closely with a top tier sausage purveyor and developed a cocktail frank parallel to none. They developed four different varieties: Original, Spicy, Chicken and Veggie and wrapped them in a light and flaky puff pastry. With a passion to perfect the overall experience, they created a line of condiments that would serve to complement the flavor profiles of the Piggies themselves.

These days when Missy and Stacy serve their guests, they are still surrounded by happy hordes.